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Returns Study Webinar 2021

eCommerce is booming. The global pandemic has shifted people online largely through necessity but the speed, convenience, and relatively low cost of eCommerce has made that move permanent. This in turn has sent return rates soaring. With more eyes than ever before on the returns policy, what are consumers looking for?

From the Fast Fashionista demanding instant refunds to the Eco Warrior that wants to know the most sustainable carrier options, our expects will explore the different types of returners and how to appeal to them.

Returns policies are proving to not only be an opportunity to build satisfaction and loyalty with your customers but also win new ones. Make sure you are doing yours right.

ZigZag Global's Laura Davies, Head of Client Success, and Jason Taylor, Commercial Director, explored The Five Personas of eCommerce Returners and provided some strategic advice on how to meet and exceed their expectations.

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