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Whilst the word ‘unprecedented’ may just be the most frequent and overused word to hear right now, it does accurately describe the recordbreaking eCommerce levels of 2020. With physical stores shut consumers were forced online, with eCommerce sales rising 57% last year compared to 2019.

Returns are a natural by-product of eCommerce sales. You cannot have one without the other. Whilst many e-tailers have optimised their websites and infrastructure to provide customers with the most hassle-free, intuitive online experiences possible — there will always be shortcomings. Whether it is sizing issues, distorted colours through screen variances, or delivery deadlines narrowly missed — returns are unavoidable.

So, with more and more people flocking from the shops to their laptops, there are more eyes scanning retailer returns policies than ever before. But what are they looking for?

Returns policies are shaping purchasing decisions, so it is important for retailers to understand and adapt to what consumers want and expect.

Therefore, we decided to conduct an extensive study into consumer attitudes to returns — from their role in the buying decision to return methods; frustrations, consumer preferences, and whether consumers really do care about going green. Research was conducted with 1,010 UK shoppers in January 2021 to uncover the truth about what consumers really want from their eCommerce returns.

Discover what consumers really want from the returns process, download our whitepaper!